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5 user6806612

It took many months to find the house that I truly wanted to live in. Tyler was patient and constantly kept me updated with the housing market. He listened to my wants and needs. I’m sure he was annoyed at times with my pickiness but he continued to show me houses that I the customer wanted to see. He proved to be very knowledgable of the Tucson area which was beneficial to narrowing down the best areas for my lifestyle. Overall, I was pleased to have Tyler as my realtor and would recommend him to my family and friends.

5 user0108279

Tyler is very responsive and was able to meet all my expectations. He’s friendly and fair and knows the Tucson market very well. Tyler was also able to refer me to a long list of experts to help with my inspections, repairs etc.

5 user76700589

This was such an enjoyable experience. Tyler followed up with me after one short phone call directing me to a loan officer that helped me get into my home. Tyler never once pushed me or lost patience with me throughout the process. Tyler also fought very hard for me during the signing period, mine got delayed several times for some hiccups and even after paperwork was signed a few hiccups needed immediate action and Tyler helped every step of the way! Would never have anyone else as a realtor!

5 user8598262

We had a great experience working with Tyler, the short sale was tiresome, but Tyler was always responsive to the miriad of document exchanges.

We had a great experience working with Tyler, the short sale was tiresome, but Tyler was always responsive to the miriad of document exchanges.

5 user5544147

Every time you send Tyler a text, he responds within about a minute. He has Docusign which makes it EASY to not have to meet up to sign paperwork. Tyler always seemed to be early to appointments also. Very nice/easy to deal with and knowledgeable…I highly recommend him as a Realtor!

5 user1956959

Buying a house is very nerve racking. It was imparative to find someone who had our best interest in mind. When you think of a real estate agent you assume they will just sell you on what they want. Not Tyler. He cared about what we wanted and were looking for. If something popped up he was on top of it. When we would look at homes he would give us his honest opinion of the property. That was extremely important to us because we were looking for a home but also a smart investment. When it came to contacting Tyler he would answer immediately no matter how we contacted him; email, phone, text, etc…. I would apologize for bothering and he made it clear that I was never bothering him. If we wanted to see a property he wouldn’t even hesitate no matter what day or time it was, and he was always early. There is no one in this world I would use other than Tyler from this day forward!!! We have our dream home and when we search for the next he will be the man we call! If you want a seamless experience and you want to feel comfortable in knowing you will get what you are looking for without hassle, call Tyler!!!!!

5 vance moya

Tyler helped me with buying a home from day one until the day I signed. He was there for all my questions and all the houses I wanted to look at, no questions asked. No matter the time or day, he was just a phone call or email away. This process has been easy and stress free! Tyler is honest and has excessive knowledge and expertise in his field. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone out there looking to buy or sell.

5 jlamontaz

Tyler was a true professional. He was very patient with us as we looked for our new home. He offered excellent advise helping us decide what we really wanted and when we did finally find our new home, his help was invaluable in negotiating our price. Tyler not only was there to help us find out home but was able to give us valuable leads on other services we needed to complete our move. We gladly give Tyler our highest recommendation and will definitely suggest him to anyone we meet.

5 4daniellechristine

Tyler was an excellent Realtor!!! He not only made buying a home effortless but anytime I had a question, he always responded within minutes! If he didn’t know the answer to the question I had, he found out and got back to us by the end of that day. As soon as we showed interest in looking for our first home, Tyler got the ball rolling quickly. We were pre-approved in a very short amount of time and 3 days later, we were out looking for our new home. He really listened to the things we wanted in a home and never tried to show us anything that wasn’t in our price range or anything that we didn’t want. That same weekend, we found our home and if it wasn’t for Tyler, I don’t think we would have found this home or even would have looked at it. But I am glad we did and like I mentioned before, the process was smooth sailing and just within a month and a half of seeing our home, we are now living in it. That’s what I call being on top of things!!!

5 ric naas

Tyler is truly dedicated and listens to his clients. I gave him a list of ‘wants’ and he listened to everyone of them. He makes himself available and follows up on issues that arise with the mortgage company, seller, etc. throughout the process. He becomes more of a friend than a hired realtor. I will recommend him to every person I know who is looking to buy or sell a home.

5 Alicetucson

Tyler was prompt, followed through on every aspect of the buying of this property, very knowledgeable, appropriate in every way, ended up closing early due to his perseverance, good working relationship with all the people he had to deal with. Tyler has a great personality and charisma – he knows his business.

5 AimeeGillard

Tyler is very helpful in finding my very first home. He was available whenever I needed him. He gave me great ideas on which neighborhoods I should look at and always stayed within my price range. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or neglected. He found me a home that had everything on my list and more! I recommend Tyler to anyone looking to buy a home.

5 zuser20140515223600655

I have just recently bought my first home, and Tyler was more than helpful! I didn’t really know where to start and he lead me in the direction I needed to go. He was always available no matter what day or time. He was prompt in returning emails, text messages, and phone calls. Tyler would make sure I was updated on everything that was going on. He honestly made this whole process effortless. We found a home and everything went so smooth and quickly. I would recommend Tyler to anyone I know!!! BEST REALTOR EVER!!

5 genericcreativename

Tyler was recommended to me through the Veteran’s Affairs when I applied for the VA home loan to purchase my first home. I had no experience or knowledge in any aspect of the process or even how to look for houses. Tyler more than proved himself as a trustworthy, professional individual. He was available nearly every time I needed a question answered or an aspect of the process explained. He sent me regular updates on listed homes and he was always sure to touch bases whenever I was not able to update him on my end. He was persistent in finding me a home that met my minimum requirements, a difficult standard, and he always gave me his own opinion on the pros and cons to the homes we were able to view. Unfortunately, my loan officer was not very communicative and very dodgy which was extremely frustrating to me but Tyler was consistent in contacting him and having patience when I had given up on both. I would recommend Tyler to anyone who is in the market for purchasing property. His expertise, persistence, and professional manner will not be a disappointment.

5 user7020248

Tyler was there every step of the way. He called me throughout the process to remind me he’s still working for me. We finally found a place for me to call home. He was able to negotiate additional repairs on top of what I had requested to make my first home purchase easy.

5 michellewu333

Tyler was very professional, and friendly. He was always there when we called with questions, and I felt that he was always looking out for my best interests. I tried a couple of other Realtors, but Tyler was, by far, the best. Paperwork was easy to complete and always on time. I have recommended him to my friends that are thinking of purchasing a house in the future. Thanks Tyler.

5 bbcamerican84

By the time we first met in person Tyler had researched my neighborhood and told me the best price to put on my house. It was what I expected, and we went forward. My house was on the market for 4 days before we received and offer just under our price and the buyers also paid the closing costs. It was very easy to sell the house using Tyler. I highly recommend him.

5 nadthecrab

Tyler Lopez was extremely helpful and understanding in the process of finding and purchasing our new home. We found the perfect home in our exact location. Mr. Lopez was there every step of the way, handled all of our concerns and got us everything we wanted. Mr Lopez actually dropped the keys of to me at the hospital while I was with my girlfriend after her surgery at closing. I can’t say enough how pleasant Tyler help make this stressful time.

5 dirtracer23b

I called Tyler after 10 pm on a Sunday night, and he talked to me for about a hour. I was blown away that he answered and listened to all my questions I had, and don’t you know he answered every single one of them. The task I gave him was very hard as far as what I was looking for, but don’t you know he went above and beyond with me. We would talk daily and he really made me feel like he was working for me! Which he was, it wasn’t like he worked a normal 9-5 job. There were plenty of late night calls and weekend showing and he was just amazing! Tyler is a true real estate agent and he puts his client first! I really can’t say enough good things about him! I will only use Tyler in future purchases and I highly recommend him! You will not be disappointed!!!!!

5 dearbrandy

Tyler was so helpful and attentive. He was always available to show us homes, answer our endless questions, and help us work out the best deal possible! He was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. We were initially very nervous about the home buying process, thinking it would be so complicated and stressful, but Tyler made all so easy. We highly recommend him!

5 ruhr1775

Tyler was awesome. Very knowledgeable about the area and houses. He was always accessible, and very attentive to our needs. He knew about things one does not normally think of when buying, such as lighting, hardware, etc. I would recommend Tyler to all my friends, and would definitely use him in the future.

5 jennorris1

Tyler was amazing! He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He was always available, easy to reach, and very attentive every step of the way. One of the most hard working and ambitious people I have ever met. The whole process was super easy, and clear. He helped me find a place that matched all of my criteria and was better than anything I expected to find. I would highly recommend Tyler!!

5 user86465232

Tyler was incredibly helpful and patient throughout the entire process of purchasing our first home. He was always available and made time to allow to see every property we wanted while working around our hectic schedules.

5 RobertDauenhauer

Tana is an outstanding Realtor who worked hard to find us exactly the right retirement home. She took the time and effort to show us every home we were interested in plus provided a large selection of homes in the entire price range we set. Great service and a large selection of ready to move properties coupled with her knowledge of area homes and abilities to have instant information vital to comparing listings equals time and money saving value. Outstanding !!! We are very pleased, indeed.

5 kayellis1

Tyler showed me the properties and Tana did the paperwork. Both were very helpful and really seemed to know the Tucson market. Great to work with and made the process seem relatively easy. Highly recommend them!

5 hybrid93sivic

If you want the best of the best contact Tyler and his team! They do everything they possibly can to be sure you are taken care of throughout the entire real estate transaction. I’m an investor so being quick to respond and get offers in is very important that they do just that for me. I constantly have follow up either by him or his team to be sure I am taken care of. I can’t wait for many more deals in the future with them!

5 lmpadia8

Tyler and Tana were fantastic. They were great they helped us seeley our home and buy a new home. They sold our house for top dollar by getting it out to everyone they know and by doing a great job with the pictures they had done that really sold the home. Next they did a great job findingredients us the perfect house for what we wanted and keeping it in our budget. We will definitely use Tyler and Tana when we decide to move again.

5 asheyb2006

Working with Tyler and Tana was such an amazing experience!! They made everything so easy and stress free for us! We definitely recommend them to anyone in the market to buy a house!!

5 Mandy0816

Buying a house can be stressful for anyone. Being first time home buyers we had a lot of questions and they were there to answers all of them. They made the whole process smooth. Went above and beyond to get us in our house! Would absolutely recommend them and have recommended them to close friends and family.

5 MeSund

I’m currently living on the east coast and was purchasing a home in Arizona. Which is something that concerned me, wondering how I was going to figure this out living so far away. Then I met Tyler. I have purchased many homes over the years and have had both good and bad experiences. Tyler is one of the good. He is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and focused on my needs as the homebuyer. I explained my situation and the type of home I was looking for, the area, and the schools. Tyler was great to share homes with me that fit my criteria. The homes were not just lists, he took the time to discuss the home and respond to my questions. I felt like he wanted to make sure I found the home I wanted, and not just a sale. Once I was ready to put in an offer, he had the paperwork to me in minutes. After the offer was sent, I had a phone call shortly there after saying the offer had been accepted. Living on the east coast didn’t seem to slow the process, Tyler kept me posted with all the details all the way to the closing. Tana Newton was a great help too. Anytime I had a question, Tyler or Tana would get me answers. They both went above and beyond and really made this whole experience terrific. To put it simply, I had a great experience working with Tyler Lopez and Tana Newton.

5 zuser20160115084132599

I have never had someone who cared about their job the way Tyler Lopez has. It takes a special individual to be a realtor and he excels in every aspect of it. He truly made finding a home a fun and exciting experience. Plus he has a great smile!

5 Tdwil

Tyler and Tana make a great Real Estate team. Tyler will find you the right home and Tana will get you through the closing process without a hitch. Both are professional, friendly, experienced and made the home buying process stress-free.

5 ryguy811

Tyler and Tana did an outstanding job during my entire listing. The marketing that they did was exceptional and the house went under contract within a week. During the transaction, the buyer’s financing was in question and the deal almost fell through, but Tana and Tyler did an amazing job of working through the issue and making sure that the transaction closed. I would highly recommend Tyler and Tana!

5 jeffhoellerich

We mainly worked with Tana Newton. What I liked best was her keeping in constant contact with us, always returning our calls and answering every tough question my wife could come up with. She did everything we asked her to do when it came to negotiating with the seller. Thanks Tana, you were great

5 gordonkirkdesigns

On top of every detail with many extra attentions. Highly recommended. exceptional success with negotiations and the VA loan process. The whole team made for immediate response to details and concerns.

5 user25617543

After searching the housing market on my own and interacting with various agents I came in contact with Tyler and the LopezNewton Team. I was very impressed by their work ethic. Their persistent consistency was evident from start to finish. They seamlessly and fluidly worked for me; understanding my boundaries, concerns, limits and when or where I had willingness to be flexible. I was constantly amazed by their communicability and quickly realized it was a strong tool that they utilized in strengthening their ability to provide their clients with the most positive experience possible during this, in many cases like mine, first time home buying experience. I strongly urge ANYONE who is currently in or considering entering the housing market, buying or selling, to do so with Tyler, Tana and the LopezNewton team on you side!

5 quaijai

Good straight-forward people to deal with. Showed many homes and pointed out the considerations that out of state buyers could not be familiar with in a new city

5 johnsoncasey11

Tyler and Tana both were extremely helpful throughout my home purchasing process. From finding me the perfect house to keeping me informed and stress free throughout the purchasing process I would highly recommend them and glady use them again.

5 user7438998

They made the selling experience so easy, from the marketing to communication, these agents are top notch!! They explained and walked us through everything that was going to happen. Once our home had an offer, they even sent us a calendar with important dates highlighted, awesome customer service!! I would recommend them to any of my family and friends!!

5 baseballislife290

Awesome service, highly knowledgeable best customer service in town. I wouldn’t think about using a different set of realtors. 5 stars all the way. Great communication. They go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

5 phyllissilliman

I had a problem with the closing costs and they jumped right in to resolve the problem. They worked on it for hours and kept me updated. I really appreciated their help and dedication in resolving this issue. They are very capable, helpful and just plain nice.

4 jm1261

Tyler is professional and knowledgeable about listing and selling homes. Once I hired him it did not take real long before I sold my home. The agent I had prior to him could not sell my house and it stayed on the market for a year. I was a good experience working with him.

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