Lopez Newton, REALTORS®
Tyler Lopez and Tana Newton

Meet Our Team

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Tyler Lopez is our lead agent and head of Lopez Newton, REALTORS®. Tyler’s job is to be perpetually on the ground floor of all transactions and procuring all of our sales. While Tyler has a strict schedule of cold calls, direct mailing, and returning all interested prospects in our properties, he is also active in team dynamics and pressing the support staff to seek greatness. Spending the majority of the day searching buyers for our listings but also finding the properties our buyers desire which may or may not be within the public’s reach (yet). Teaching buyers and sellers to see through challenges within properties we represent with side on, Tyler has the knowledge to formulate an “outside of the box: mindset within our client’s needs as priority. With leaps and bounds, Tyler strives to make the property sell – the talent is undeniable witnessing him CREATE the sale as opposed to waiting for the sale.





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Tana Newton is our Associate Broker & Relationship Managing Partner. Outside of showing and listing appointments – Tana’s job is to make sure everyone is cheerful through our transactions as well as make sure all calls, emails, and texts are answered from agents, clients, and vendors. She ensures our database and trusted contacts are always up-to-date and the transaction portion of our listing or sale goes as smooth as possible to relieve the clients of any potential stress. While handling all of the semantics of our marketing, scheduling, and keeping us all on task, Tana, is the infrastructure of the relationship and the “above and beyond” portion within our company.


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Taylor’s job is to make sure we get that special touch to every client we encounter. From ensuring Tyler makes his daily contact calls to thinking of creative ideas, Taylor is the pinnacle to create the long-lasting relationship business we strive to get better at everyday. The importance derives from client gifts, making sure gratitude is delivered from us in more than one way, and also efficiently collecting important client information to be able to stay in touch. Taylor is allowing us to create productive ways (outside of the 24/7 unmatched proficiency of Tyler’s knowledge in Tucson Real Estate) to sustain the client and vendor relationship our business relies upon.









Joel is a Residential Real Estate specialist who has built his reputation on being a positive force in the marketplace, viewing each interaction as a chance to make a lasting impact. He always strives to exceed expectations for every client and works tirelessly to make the buying or selling process as easy and stress-free as possible.













Oden D. Raine is a Selling Partner with Lopez Newton, REALTORS®. Previously, Oden served with the Active Duty United States Air Force from 2013-2014 as an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Specialist. Following his active duty tour, Oden joined the Minnesota Air National Guard where he served in a full time Air Force Training capacity from 2013-2018. The Raine family decided to relocated from Minnesota to Arizona in early 2018 where Oden found a home with Lopez Newton in Tucson; “…a group of people I caught doing the right thing.” -Oden Raine. Oden enjoys all things family, health, and wellness and wishes everyone to be the best version of themselves. Integrity, selflessness, and excellence are rooted within Oden’s spirited attitude and there are no challenges he isn’t prepared to face. Whether finding you a home with a park for the kids or that hidden Tucson BBQ joint, Oden just wants to help ease the process of buying/selling your home.